plaids and browns

Basically, I dont know on how to start this post or what word I should type first lol. I am mentally blocked and I
do not know what to say. No words that can describe on what I am feeling right now. I don't know its just maybe that I wrote this blog on a midnight and I am hungry. (lol) My eyes wide open and I cant sleep so Im thinking that how bout dozing you some inspost.

So basically, plaids and plaids and plaids are the common that everyone can pull off. Especially in a mens fashion instinct. Everytime mens buy clothes plaids are one of their many choices. So pulling of such clothes is such easy. But on how you wear it with confidence is the main key that can make you standout. Lets make it real confidence is always the key. Right? YES?! lol ;)

 Paired it with an old pair of jeans. I am so into this kind of jeans, they are not so fit and not so skinny that cannot make my whole leg wrapped like a gloved. Matching up with a man clutch which you can just carried it out with no hassle and that you can put your files and other school/work essentials with style.

Shades: Folded and Hung
Top: Penshoppe
Shoes: SM Store
Man Clutch: SM Store

Photos  by: Jillien Lacerna of Se7enshots Photography

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