Backlogs here we go. Almost forgot or shall I say I forgot that I still have this photos for me to blog. lol! student life's indeed busy in
school and always forgot that still have outside responsibilities to make. Is it me? Or is it only just me? Haha I kid. I always keep myself busy these days and keep being productive always hehe. So enough for explanation and lets keep moving.

So Basically, last month "july" preferably the first week of the month, Bjorn Bedayo of Bjorn Manila  & KalsadaPH visited thy city to snap some photos of some students and younglings whos A+ in street fashion.  He's been doing this leg since he started the kalsadaph. He's taking some photos of students in schools on their  so called the wash-day outfit or their fashion kind of day. For us in our school it was wednesday thats why I really often post outfit post coz I don't have the kind of the week were I can wear all the clothes I want! But poor us we have uniforms! Making the story short. I was a lil bit starstruck maybe because, I really adore his photos and envy him so much and great creativity. Great photos plus cool sense of style and happy child. How cool is he? Really COOL, right? Aah I wish I can be good as him. 

Moving on, I wore the usual casual tees and pants combo. I am so over in to the small print and print top now a days and I am getting addicted. I always get a teased by a friend whenever I grabbed something prints. Friend? forgive me please? Haha. They are just so cool and you can just easily style them.

Eden Sabolboro of Eden In The Tropics and her fiance/boyfriend/husband:) I dont know yet hehe. And the mum of Bjorn and Rabsin of Finlust

Brown pants are the coolest they are just sway and gives me goodvibes. Brown is one my favorite color as long as with black and white and I know its kinda weird but I like it though ;) So more brown pants for me soon? Hehe. Finished it with a nude shoes and to simply look complete. Nudity is fine ;)

Some CAFA students with bjorn.

Top: Portland ( You can find them at Robinsons Department Store)
Pants: Forgot the brand ( #whatswrongwithmerightnow?)
Shoes: Sole Service Manila
Bag: WWW

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