Wheres the mountain? Wheres the lake? lol Im an indian living in a seaside country were you can see buildings and
experience traffic as its your worst nightmare! or maybe not. Lol. I wish I took this outfit shot in the mountains or in some jungle where I can hide and juggle up with lions and the clan. lol. If your following me on instagram (@frankyou_) you might well know why I am this kind of look. Going with Paris Hilton, hanging with Jay-Z? No. Hehe hope you get the joke lol. This was my look last #UNIVERCITY2013  Ive said on my last post that is a college music festival were you can be hippie and hop at your utmost being. It only happens once a sem? So we did literally brought our happy hormones at the event and leave worries at home. I know Ive said it many times lol So the outfit speaks for itslef. ayt?.

Did I pulled off the vintage old man look? Haha. Basically, my inspiration about my look is something vintage-ish and something hippie. The man shorts thought it well, hoarded it from the ukay days before the event. It perfectly fitted just for me and I can just easily moved around. 

                  Ive been dreamin of beverly hills lately and I dont know why, weird right? Lol. Is it fate? That is me and this shirt? Or me living in beverly hills? Haha Stop dreaming frank haha! Anyway, they do the matchy-matchy with the print of the shirt and the shorts. For you to know, I just bought the shirt on the day of the event! I did all the ninja moves I've stack just to have a perfect look. How was that? Haha. And don't forget wearing sunwear it is a must for your eye protection.

And Im making sure that Im sticking away from dirt and mud. So, Id make it to wear my black cotton boots. And It did really werk out. 

Top: Portland found in Robinsons Dept Store
Man Shorts: Thrift Shop
Boots: Forever21
Arm Party: Local/Native Shops
Denim Polo: JAZZ
Feather Headdress: Made by yours truly

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