Boho Chic |Photography|

Isnt she pretty and gorge? hihi. Did a pre-debut shoot for my friend slash dorm mate last saturday. This experience was fun and quirky.

        Actually, before this photos came succesful *lol* and cutesy. I really got into a dilemma on what a nice theme, locale, etc. I really had a short time to plan and I only got 2 days to think. I did'nt actually know whats the concept and all. It just popped something in my head some sort of cute and fun. Choices are: Boho chic, Hipster and ala Lana Del Rey. Ended up mixing the three choices.

Basically, Its so nice to have a shoot for your friend whos having her 18th and for that on her day you make her happy in just small way. I just felt happy and glad that Im gonna be part of her life. *glad face here* lol. Hope you guys to tell your friends on how much you love them for them to have lil smile on their face to wear everyday :) I now declare this day "Happy Friends Day" kidding.
Hope y'all liking the photos keep inspired.

Model: Rotchelle Politud
Photography and Styling: Frank Pena
Wardrobe: Roneth Hezel of On The Go

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